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The IDRA Fitness Center provides an optional fitness assessment and individualized exercise program to its members for $8.00. If you opt for this program, you will take part in an interesting set of tests that will determine your present level of physical fitness. The test results will then be used by the fitness center staff to develop an exercise program that would be tailored to your needs and abilities. This information can also be compared to later tests to indicate improvement in your physical fitness. Completion of a medical history questionnaire and clearance by Fitness Center staff are required to participate in this program. Below is a summary of the procedures at each appointment. The procedures may be modified for some individuals at the discretion of the Fitness Center Staff.


The testing procedure lasts approximately 35 minutes. You should wear regular exercise clothing. To obtain an accurate assessment of your physical condition it is recommended that you avoid eating two hours before testing. Also, avoid caffeinated coffee, tea, sodas and smoking cigarettes for four hours prior to testing, since any of these will elevate your heart rate and can affect the results of some tests. Here is a summary of the tests that will be administered:

Aerobic Capacity -

This is considered to be one of the most important measures of physical fitness and will be tested with a bicycle test. You will ride a stationary bicycle, working against a workload that is increased every three minutes for a total of twelve minutes. Your heart rate will be monitored for its response to different workloads which will be used to estimate your aerobic capacity.

Flexibility -

This component is tested with a sit and reach test. You will sit on the floor with your legs extended and reach slowly forward toward your toes. A measuring stick is used to score the test.

Body Composition -

Here a body composition test is used to estimate your body fat percentage (the amount of your body weight that is fat opposed to lean weight). The test involves using an Omron fat loss monitor to conduct a bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Muscular Strength -

Strength is tested on two weight machines (leg press and chest press) by gradually increasing the weight until the heaviest weight you can lift for one repetition is found. The highest weight lifted on each machine will be compared to your body weight to determine your upper and lower body strength scores.

Muscular Endurance -

Your abdominal endurance will be measured by a sit-up test. You will perform as many correct sit ups as possible in one minute.


Your test results will be used to design an individualized exercise program. You will be taken through one workout with instruction in the weight training area. Please dress for exercise! Therapy
The IDRA Fitness Center offers Massage Therapy to its members for an additional fee. Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) Bob McGinnis practices the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation, and well-being.

Sessions are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Appointment Times: Thursdays from 12:15pm – 3:25pm

15 minutes - $15
30 minutes - $30
45 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $60

Fees are payable by cash, or check made payable to: Robert McGinnis, CMT Gift Certificates are also available To schedule your appointment, stop by the IDRA Fitness Center (B538) and sign the sign-up sheet located at the front desk, or call (202) 208-5756.